Abour our products

In Contusa Medics we care about providing our customers with the best brands and manufacturers all in one place and within the reach of a clic.

To know the characteristics of each of the brands we distribute, see each of them to know everything that they include in their products, offering the best quality and efficiency in clothes.

REMEMBER!: You can check our online catalog of products to further meet the sub brands or specific lines dependent on the major brands shown below.

Main brands

Main qualities and attributes

Moreover, our products have qualities and characteristics that enhance their durability, quality and functionality:


CERTAINTY™ features a revolutionary antimicrobial technology that provides long-lasting freshness and reliable protection agains unwanted bacteria.

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Certainty Plus

CERTAINTY PLUS® is treated with a revolutionary antimicrobial technology for reliable protection against unwanted bacteria and NANOTEX® resists spills, the next generation of liquid repellency.

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